Industrial Cluster

At NEDC we are Focusing on Empowering Industrial Cluster, India’s industrial clusters in tier II and tier III cities contribute almost 2/3rd of the manufactured exports and 40% of the country’s industrial output.Who contributes 2/3rd of the India’s manufactured exports and 40% of the country’s industrial output? Are they top blue-chip companies in India’s swanky metros? No, industrial clusters in India’s tier II and III cities are the ones which are fueling India’s gigantic industrial machinery. According to a UNIDO survey of Indian SSI clusters undertaken in 1996 (later updated in 1998), there are 350 SSI clusters. Also, there are approximately 2000 rural and artisan based clusters in India. A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally. This means 2/3rd of India’s current account deficit is financed by industrial clusters from these tier II and III cities. As the global crisis unfolds newer challenges to the world economies arise, industry clusters can create significant opportunities to support speedy economic revival. Governments across the globe have recognized and adopted the concept of clusters which have vast potential to contribute to regional growth, employment generation and economic development With clusters becoming a global phenomenon, the 3rd Global Economic Summit 2013, centered on the theme ‘Clusters In One World, Perspectives From Many Nations’ will provide a unique opportunity to promote cluster businesses. The event is a momentous occasion; it is the first time an international Summit on Micro-SME Clusters is being held in India. Through the 3-day Summit, WTC Mumbai and AIAI are offering a platform to explore the future management of clusters through mutual co-operation, inviting deliberations from experts on clusters, government officials and stake holders. The clusters have developed across the world and in India particular the cluster movement has gathered momentum due to the state government’s initiative. India has a large number of industrial clusters, particularly in the tier II and tier III cities contributing almost 2/3rd of the manufactured exports and 40% of the country’s industrial output. Despite all the remarkable achievements, the full potential of clusters in India has yet to be realized with a vast scope of collaboration, international trade and product improvisation. The Global Economic Summit offers a wide gamut of programmes consisting of conferences, workshops, B2B meets, cluster visits, exhibits and awards; giving a valuable insight into issues relevant to clusters in India and overseas. Participating in the conference are major industry clusters and experts such as engineering and auto, pharmaceutical and biotech, textiles, agro and dairy products, defence, food processing, winery, IT, handicrafts and many more. For Joining  the NEDC Industrial Cluster Mail usinfo@nedc.org.innedcdelhincr@gmail.com.