export import program by nedc in delhi and noida
For Working Professionals/Individuals
Duration 20 Hours equivalent to 2 Months
Mode of Conduct Online
Fee Rs-30000/- inclusive GST
Certification NEDC
For Universities/Colleges/Institutes
Duration 24 Hours/3 Days
Mode of Conduct Offline/Workshop
Fee Rs-2500/- + GST
Minimum Participants Required 50
Certification NEDC

Certificate Program on Export Import with EDP certification


In order to compete successfully in International Trade, it is very important for an individual and the students of International Business to understand the complex documentation and procedures framework required for export-import business. This workshop is step forward to the process of laying foundation for the establishment of Entrepreneurs in the field of International Trade.

Objective of the Program: Objective is to lay emphasis on understanding the entire process of international trade, importance and relevance of each document and procedure leading to establishment of a successful Export- Import Entrepreneur.

Highlight of the Program: the program is comprehensively designed as per the requirements of working professionals in the field of international business, Engineering and management students who are keen to take on Entrepreneurship in export –import business.

Module – 1: How to Start a Venture:  Entrepreneurship Development Program

  1. How to Create the Competitiveness & settle in the competition.
  2. A guide to Self employment
  3. How to prepare yourself for Taking loan from Bank & Raise Finance…
  4. Marketing of Products.
  5. Preparation of Project profile/Report.
  6. Entrepreneurship Memorandum form.

Module- II:  Government hand holding schemes

  1. Government Schemes, Subsidies & Institutional Help.
  2. How to raise finance.
  3. The Projects those are in Demand
  4. How to prepare for DPR
  5. Risk & Vision
  6. Hand Holding and Initial important Steps for the entrepreneurs in India…
  7. Success Story.
  8. Statutory & Regulatory Compliance for the Entrepreneurs

Module – III:  Export- Import Management & Procedures

  1. Understanding International Trade Process
  2. Export Import Process
  3. Statuarory Regulations
  4. Export / Import Contract
  5. Understanding Inco terms
  6. Documents used in EXIM
  7. Pre and Post shipment documentation
  8. International Shipping Practices
  9. Methods of Payment

Module – IV: Regulatory Procedures

  1. Foreign Trade Policy
  2. Registration Process
  3. Export Financing
  4. UCP 600
  5. Various Schemes for Export Promotion
  6. Foreign Exchange Regulation
  7. Product identification and selection as per area of business
  8. Market research, selection of buyer as per area of business

The Fee for above mentioned Certifications:
Total Fee: Rs.30000/- inclusive GST
Modus Operandi(for online mode):
1. Invest 2 hours daily while sitting at your system for online classes.
2. Attend Demo class before JOINING. on any friday between 7pm to 9pm.
3. Call 8383864331 for demo class and online registration.

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