For Working Professionals & Individuals
Duration 15 Hours
Mode of Conduct Workshop(2 Days)
           Fee Rs-5000/- + GST


Certification NEDC


For Universities/Colleges/Institutes
Duration 7 Hours
Mode of Conduct 1 Day Physical + 14 Days e-learning
Fee Rs-1100/- + GST
Certification NEDC

Certificate Program for students on Empowerment of Entrepreneurship


The Institute in its Endeavor to promote entrepreneurship among the Aspirants (All Streams) has designed a one day Entrepreneurship Development Program.

1. How to prepare yourself for Taking loan from Bank.
2. Marketing of Products.
3. How to become a successful Entrepreneur.
4. Project profile/Report.
5. Entrepreneurship Memorandum form.
6. Government Schemes, Subsidies & Institutional Help.
7. A guide to Self employment
8. How to raise finance.
9. The Projects those are in Demand
10. How to prepare for DPR
11. Risk & Vision
12. Hand Holding and Initial important Steps for the entrepreneurs in India…
13. Success Story.
14. Statutory & Regulatory Compliance for the Entrepreneurs
15. How to Create the Competitiveness & settle in the competition.
In order to promote entrepreneurship/self-employment among your students, we approach you to
be a part of mission so that more and more students may take up self-employment to contribute
to the development of the country.

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